Alone On Valentine’s Day? Show Yourself Some Love!

February 14th is right around the corner and you know you’re going to be alone this year. Maybe it’s because you’re single or your significant other is not there to celebrate. But why don’t you show yourself some love this Valentine’s day? Here are my five suggestions on how you can show yourself some love!

1.Don’t Wait – Just Do It

Have you ever been in the scenario that you really wanted to do something, but always waited that someone joins you or has time? Trying out that new restaurant, bar or watching that new movie? Now is your time! Just do it- life is too short to wait on others. ( If you think people are going to look at you for being by yourself- don’t worry about them. They probably wish they had the courage to do it or not even looking at you.)

2.Pamper Yourself

Probably one of the best and most common tips out there. How do you boost your self-esteem in no time? Right! Get your hair done, get your nails done or get a facial at your favorite spa. Do you have to go outside to do all that? No! You can paint your nails and put on a nice sheet mask at home as well – with no to little money spent, but the same effect. Do you want to pamper yourself spirtually? Try a guided meditation on self love!

3.Buy Your Own Flowers

Are you hoping that you get some flowers for Valentine’s Day? Stop the uncertainty: Buy yourself flowers. The best thing about it: You can’t mess up with buying the wrong flowers or the wrong color. Put them on your table at home and admire their beauty. A simlple present from you to you!

heart shaped flower bouqet

4.Self Love Is The Best Love

Since it’s the day of love you can think about self love. You could write yourself a love letter or write a list of what you love about yourself. Maybe, you want to think how you can improve and deepen your love to yourself. A few examples: Do you set healthy boundaries? Do you fully believe in yourself? Are you surrounding yourself with supportive people? Can you say “no”?

5. Do What Makes You Feel Good

Do you love taking long baths, walks, binge watching your fav show and eating good food? Simply DO whatever makes you happy and makes you feel good! Not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day! Because happiness brings out your best version!

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