Mindful Morning Routine For Busy Mornings

How much time do you take each morning to start the day? I’m not talking about the quick shower, breakfast or getting dressed, but about a mindful start into the new day. Many mindful morning routines I found online require a lot of time: yoga, meditation, journal. However, I found a mindful morning routine that doesn’t take forever and works perfectly on busy mornings. IF you have more time in the morning, you can, of course, incorporate more things. I’ll guide you through my mindful morning routine and thoughts.

Waking up & set intentions

Most people get woken up by their alarm and a majority hit the snooze button to rest for an extra nine minutes until the alarm goes off again. At the moment when my initial set alarm goes off, I start with setting my intention and my mood for the day. This takes literally 30 seconds and will positively affect your mood. So the initial alarm goes off. Concentrate on your intentions for the day. While concentrating on your intentions it’s very important to use positive language and clear “instructions”. here are some examples: “, I set healthy boundaries, I fully accept my flaws and other people’s flaws, I manifest happiness naturally”

Lime water

The first thing I do after I got out of bed is drinking a glass of water with one squeezed lime. It gives my body a kickstart, tastes good and has many health benefits to it (weight loss, improves the immune system and many more). The limes I am using are the mini limes. I usually buy a whole bag of mini limes at Walmart.


I love taking showers in the morning. While taking a shower I love to visualize how the water washes away all the negative thoughts, but also how it cleans my aura and washes all negative energies down. Everything that doesn’t make me feel good spiritually and mentally I let go.

Burn some incense

I love to burn an incense stick in my sacred space (I’ll write about my sacred space soon). I prefer sandalwood in the morning because the smell is not as strong and it relaxes me. What kind of incense you want to use is totally up to you. The incense stick just gives a natural nice and comfortable atmosphere, while cleansing my home from unwanted energies. While the incense is burning down, I’m continuing with my next step:


While the smell of the incense is in the air, I take my three minutes to do a quick meditation with the Insight Timer app. You can find a review from the Insight Timer app here. I prefer taking a shower before because I believe that the water washes away any negative energy and I become more receptive. You don’t have to meditate for a long time, three minutes is absolutely enough, especially for a busy morning.


I’m not the biggest breakfast fan, to be honest, but I started eating a light breakfast. Yogurt topped with granola. chia seeds and fruits is one of my favorite go-to’s. My beverage of choice in the morning is tea. I used to be a coffee addict, but since I started drinking tea (with caffeine of course) in the morning I kinda skipped the coffee. My absolute favorite morning tea is “Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy” tea by Yogi.

I hope you got some inspiration on how you can create a mindful morning routine for yourself, that doesn’t take too much time but helps you to start your morning with a positive mindset and outlook for the day. Leave me a comment or tell me in the comments about your morning routine.

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