Beautiful Simple String Bracelets DIY

Here comes one of my favorite things, that I love to do in my free time. While visiting Colombia, I fell in love with the simple, yet beautiful string bracelets that you could buy everywhere. Back in the U.S., I was inspired to start making them myself. They’re perfect for last-minute gifts or for yourself. The best part is: You can even make super cute ankle bracelets (perfect for the summer). This DIY tutorial for beautiful, simple string bracelets will show you how to make the easiest DIY jewelry in no time.

Here is what you need for these super simple bracelets:

-Thread ( I use nylon)

-Connector Charm



Step 1

three pieces of thread, charm connector and beads are laying on a wooden surface

-You need 3 threads: Two for the actual bracelet, one for the Sliding Knot. I always measure the thread for my bracelets with my arm. Here I used a fingertip to elbow length. If you would like to make a necklace, I’d do a fingertip to shoulder length. You can always shorten your thread in the end, but it’s better to have a bit extra thread- just in case. The thread for the Sliding Knot should not be too short, you definitely don’t need the length of the bracelet threads.

-Fold the two bracelet threads in half.

Step 2

step by step how to put thread through loop of the charm connector

-Take one thread (folden in half) and put it from the top through the loop of the connector charm. Put the two ends of the thread through the thread loop and pull it to tighten.

-Repeat the step for the other side.

Step 3

charm connector. beads and thread

-Add as many beads as you like (add a knot behind the beads to hold them in place, if the beads you have chosen are too lose)

Step 4

almost finished bracelet with straw piece

-Make an easy sliding knot with my super easy technique – or close the bracelet as you like.

Result & Ideas

I hope you liked this simple, beautiful string bracelet DIY. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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