Spiritual Apps You Need Right Now!

Are you into crystals, like to flip a tarot card every day, set new intentions during new moons or love a good meditation? Then, look no further- these are the best spiritual apps that will 100% meet your spiritual needs and you absolutely need right now!

My Moon Phase- Lunar Calendar

My Moon Phase- Lunar Calendar  app screenshot

My Moon Phase- Lunar Calendar is a simple, chic app that totally fulfills its purpose of letting you know what the current moon phase is. Actually, it’s loaded with all the important information: Moon phases, moon distance, moon zodiac and so much more. The absolute best feature in this app is the photography section. Did you ever wonder what time you can take the most beautiful sunset and sunrise photos – the golden hour of the day? Or do you prefer taking beautiful pics during the blue hour? This app got you: It tells you exactly when it is the best time to take your golden or blue hour pictures- and let me tell you: MY SUNSET PICTURES LOOK AMAZING- THANKS TO THIS FEATURE!

The Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar app screenshot

Another great moon calendar, but absolutely different from My Moon Phase. In this app, you have the classic moon cycle, in fact, if you know your birthdate, birthplace, and birth time this app will show you so much more. It shows you every day how your zodiac is doing on this day (if you believe in it), moreover, it gives super informative info about the current moon phase, the moon in the current house, and moon zodiac. in addition, The Moon Calendar has awesome other features. For $2.99 per year, you can access the app’s ritual and journal feature. However, the ritual/ self-care section is small, but it’s made very well and for $2.99, I can’t complain about some useful tips.

STONE: Crystals, illuminated

STONE: Crystals, illuminated app screenshot

Aren’t crystals and stones beautiful? Do you want to expand your crystal/ stone collection, but don’t know which one will be the perfect fit for your needs? This app will help you. Just select what kind of purpose the new crystal or stone should serve and find your perfect match. Or do you have a crystal and stone and need to identify it? This app will help you. And the best thing about this app? The description of the crystals/ stones. Super funny, short, informative and especially not boring (who wants to read boring, long texts about a stone?)

Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot app screenshot

If crystals and moon don’t fulfill your spiritual needs- maybe this golden thread tarot app will. Daily cards, readings or lessons: This app has it all. Do you want to learn how to do your own reading? You have an assistant on how to do it with this app. It’s very simple to navigate, looks chic and it’s super informative, perfect for all the Tarot lovers out there.


Saged app screenshot

Are you into the whole spectrum of spirituality? Meditation, nature, tarot, moon phases, manifestations and daily rituals? I got the perfect app for you: Saged. It’s super informative and you can expand your horizon in spirituality. Many features are free, however, you can go Saged Premium for an annual fee of $99.99. Yep, that’s hefty, though it unlocks many features like premium posts. , full saged library and premium masterclasses. Do you absolutely need to pay to have fun with this app? NO.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer app screenshot

Are you obsessed with meditation, but don’t want to pay for any expensive subscriptions? If yes, Insight Timer is the perfect app for you. Do you only have time for a quick meditation session? Insight Timer has short meditations (I saw two-minute meditations before). Do you prefer guided meditation? Unguided meditation? Music? Something for the kids? If you answered with a “yes” – this is your new favorite meditation app. You can access thousands of meditations for FREE!

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